About the Competency Framework

What is it?

The Knowledge Translation Competency Framework is a tool presenting the knowledge and observable behaviours that are required to successfully fulfill the tasks and responsibilities related to the various activities associated with knowledge translation practices.

Who is it for?

  • To managers who wish to establish a specialized KT position in their team or other positions that include responsibilities related to KT.
  • To practitioners specialized in KT or professionals who are expected to fulfill responsibilities related to KT.

How can it be used?

The framework can serve many functions. Indeed, it can be used as an educational tool for clarifying what KT practice is, it can support efforts to advocate for resources or it can be used to plan and manage KT projects.

It can also be useful in the context of developing team work plans, during the recruitment and performance management processes, for competency management and to support professional training and development.

What does it consist of?

One PDF files including 2 parts: Part 1 – a user guide, and Part 2 – the KT Competency Framework.

Part 1 – A guide presenting the framework through proposals of appropriation and adaptation processes, personas (case studies) of KT practitioners and possible uses.

Part 2 – It is the Competency Framework. It includes 2 sections, as well as a lexicon:

  • Section 1 – Knowledge requirements and assets for knowledge translation
  • Section 2 – Observable behaviours associated with the different tasks or functions related to knowledge translation

How to get it?

To obtain the framework and user guide (in one PDF file), please simply fill the download form.


Writing and design

Steve Poulin, Michèle Boileau-Falardeau, Lucie Lapierre, Charles Gagné

Thank you to all the members of the Québec KT in Public Health Community of Practice for their contribution to the discussions. We would like to particularly to the following members: Anabèle Brière, Luc Dancause, Carole-Line Nadeau, Karine Souffez and Stéphanie Taillon for their contribution to the elaboration of the Framework. We would like to also thank Brigitte Ho Mi Fane for her help with the visual design and Kim Tardif for reconstitution personas in Piktochart.

Marie-Hélène Chastenay (translation), Marianne Jacques (revision) and Kim Tardif (layout)

Promotion and marketing

Thank you to the working group on the promotion and evaluation of the Competency Framework: Frédérique Dubé, Jérôme Elissalde, Valérie Grand’Maison, Layebe Ignegongba, Gabrielle Legendre, Steve Poulin and Kim Tardif. Thank you also the Geneviève Morin and Geneviève Pelletier.

Frédérique Dubé

Gabrielle Legendre, Jérôme Elissalde, Frédérique Dubé